A leading corporation and trusted partner   Huizhan energy machinery co., Ltd was set up by Chaungzhan Machinery Maintaining Co., Ltd  founded in 1998, focus on the A/C , chiller system and etc. With the purpose to provide high class service and extend its business, it launched Huizhan energy machinery co., Ltd and the gas filling factory in Guangzhou and Zhejiang, its one-stop service covers refrigerant gas, air conditioning system and accessories. Due to the excellent service and products we are a eligible partner to a vast range of industries around the world. Our project involved in refrigeration, process chilling and heat extraction applications used in the food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, industrial manufacturing, chemical and petrochemical industries.   We, leader in refrigerant solutions and services. Whatever your application, wherever you are, we can meet all your needs relating to the delivery, handling and management of refrigerant gases. Whether your application is about refrigeration, air conditioning or any other the HVAC projects, we will have the right solution for you.

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